Engineer’s installations, depending of the project type, are mostly including heating systems, and according to need also air system, ventilation, climatization, water-supply, rainy and industrial canalization and fire prevention installations. The company collaborates with reliable, high quality and  expirienced equipment  producers like: „WEGER“, „YORK“, „A-CLIMAX“, „CARRIER“, „IDO“, „GEBERIT“, „GROHE“ and others.

For the projects our company working on, usually there are complicated and various electrical systems. There are installations of the hard and weak electric, which include lighting, surround system, fire signalization, computes and phone net and automatism. The company collaborates with reliable, high quality and experienced equipment producers like:   „Schneider Electric“, „Svetovie Tehnologii“, „Marbel“, „Thorn“, „ABB“, „SCHNEIDER“, „Targetti“ „Cebkab“, „Legrand“  and others.

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For the most of the finished buldings, except constructions and interior works, all other necessary engineers and electrical systems are projected, bought, mounted and tested. Because of the purpose of the projects our company is occupied with, in the most cases, there are complicated systems of the installation, by dimensions, as well as by diversity.