Vladimir Sjeklocha, the founder and the President of the company was born in 1948 in Cetinje, Montenegro. He graduated from the Faculty of construction at University of  Belgrade. As a high level professional he has always tended to resolve hard and complex tasks and that is why he   chose as the main sphere of his interests the metal constructions of big arches like bridges, estacada, pavilions and other complex engineering constructions. In that field he has reached the world's recognized results.

The professional carrier has started in the office  for the bridges projecting  "Gosa" where  he passed the way from the engineer to leadership and the main project engineer until 1990. During that period he didn't work  exclusively  in the project office but he also participated in the realization of all the projects in building site. Under his management there have been done more than 30 road and railway bridges, there have been projected and executed very complex  buildings such as "The Museum of the Aviation" in Belgrade and the scene of the theatre in Maribor, Slovenia, excavator for the superficial excavating of coal, total capacity 12.000 tones per hour in Siberia and the Pavilion No 2 on the CVK  „Ekspocentar“ in Moscow.

Mr Sjeklocha founded the  „Omni Structure“ company in 1990 and he started immediately a brave engineering task - project and construction of the "Forum" pavilion  in Moscow that had the unique construction at the time… -> more details

Until nowadays under his management the „Omni Structure“ continues to work successfully.


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