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The company „Omni Structure“ is founded in Belgrade, Serbia, in 1990. Today it is consisted of the group of companies registered in several countries> in Serbia, Russian Federation, Cyprus and in Italy. The first representation  in Russian Federation was registered  in Moscow, in 1991 and until today the firm has good positions on that market. In the group of the companies that work on the Russian market are also the firms "Omni Structure" Sankt Petersburg and Nizni Novgorod.

The main activity of the company is so called "key turn" construction of various buildings, engineering and consulting; that means the elaboration of all the parts of the project and their realization in building site  and the acceptable price and time limit.  During the whole process of activity the firm constructed and reconstructed over 200 buildings of various purposes  

In the firm there are constantly employed the professionals of all necessary profiles: architects, construction engineers, electricity engineers, economists  and highly qualified employees  of all professions. It provides to the firm less rarely  usage of the services of the producers which decreases the problems of internal coordination and makes the terms of the realization of the project shorter.

The firm has all necessary licenses for executing the projects and construction works on the territory of  the Russian Federation and Serbia. -> more details

For the professional successes the firm has been awarded several times :

The diploma of the third degree of the Association of the Architects of Russian on the coalition „Zodčestvo 95“ in Moscow in 1995.

The Diploma „The  Olympus of the Construction “ for the best building companies in Moscow, in 1997.

The 13th International award  for the construction "The Award of the New Century" in Paris in 2001.

The 14th International Award of Europe for "The Quality" in Paris in 2001.

The diploma of the City Government of Moscow for the participation  in social economic programs for the reconstruction of the cities Moscow and Sank Petersburg in 2006, Moscow.