From the first day of its foundation, the company “Omni Structure” has its own planning office in Moscow which is enlarging and developing day by day. At the moment the planning office consists of architectural, constructive and engineer parts. Most of the built buildings are planned exactly in this office. Nowadays they worked on the architectural project of the universal stadium in Sankt Petersburg, which visualization you can see in this page.

The company has also one planning office in Belgrade, which brings the enlargement of the project possibilities as well as of the reducing of the planning terms. Architects using newest technologies while make plans that are in conformity with all standards and appropriate norms.

In the company they work on the projects of the buildings for various purposes like are: business -administrative buildings, exhibition pavilions, recreation centers, shopping malls, beck. They cover all phases of planning like are: conceptual design, working design (including visualization and animation), project of reinforced concrete and metal constructions (including its own VS construction) -> more details , projects of the engineers installations    -> more details and interior design -> more details


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