Planned during the year 2007

The main architectural plan of the stadium for 62.000 spectators is working out by an ideological plan of the famous japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa. The stadium should be a group of the most contemporaneous architectural and technical solutions at this moment. The roof over the tribunes is combination of glass and titanium. The part of the roof over the sports field is open, but it can be closed by moving that roof and with this movement you can make the closed stadium, which is a great advantage in such climate conditions. Beside the main function one football stadium has, it is predicted the possibility of the moving the whole sports field of the area of 10.750 m2 out of the same building, as various cultural manifestation could take place on it. The area of stadium, without sports field, is about 166.300 m2.

Planned and built  during 2000-2001

Sports-cultural complex in the Sarov city, Niznegorodskaja region, of the area of 6.500 m2, is planned and built at the „Omni Structure“ branch in Niznegorod. The basic purpose is maintainig of the hockey games, when the tribunes can take almost 1.200 of spectators and therefore has come the name „Ice Castle“. But, it can be used also for other sports  - basketball, valleyball, handball, as well as for all other kinds of manifestation, for example, for concerts, when can take about 1.800 spectators. The complex is built in high quality, in really short time and it has been given to the exploatation in 2001.


Planned, reconstructed and built from 1993 to 1998

During the five years of cooperation with the „Central Bank of Russian Federation“, it was built and reconstructed a great part of the buildings, of the total area of over 10.000 m2, including the arrangement of the outdoor field and all necessary engineer systems. The biggest part of the buildings are recreation and medical complexes in Moscow region. At the picture is shown reconstructed building „Pansionat Russia“.


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