Projected and built in projektova in 2001

The „ital-lux“ shopping mall in Nizni Novgorod was projected and built in 2001. It has the modern stile but thanks to carefully chosen size and the proportion related to nearby buildings it is well composed in the architectonic picture of tahat part of the city. During the construction and the choosing of the engineering systems  were used the most modern materials and technologies.

The projecting and building of big, multi usage  ground floor +2 shopping mall has started in 2007. In this work the firm „Omni Structure“ has three functions - representative of the investor, the main project manager and the executor of works. The construction of building with the underground parking lot  and three floors, total surface 29.800 m2, has been executing in the centre of the town. About the central atrium there are the shops, cafes, multiplex with three cinemas, child playground and the summer café on the roof of the building.


Projected and built in 1996-1997

Projected in the style of old buildings of Sankt Petersburg, the building has ground floor and five floors. The building is built between the two existing apartment buildings , situated on the 2nd line of the Vasilev island.  There are locals on the ground floor and on the other floors there are offices and elite apartments. The project was done in the Moscow offices of the firm and the construction was done by the offices in Sankt Petersburg. The building was done by "key turn" system with all necessary installations.


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For reasons of the increased interests the last few years the firm has been doing the projects and the construction of the shopping malls and the adequate interiors and the installation of all necessary engineering systems. Apart from here presented buildings in the second part of 2007 the firm began the construction of the shopping mall in the city of Krasnogorsk in Moscow region, total surface 30.000 m2. in the processes of the projecting and constructing of shopping malls there are a lot of similarities with huge pavilions (big distances, light roof constructions, complex engineering systems) and the firm is able to use its long lasting experience that provides it to finish its tasks in quality and fast way.