The construction of „VS“ type, so called by initial letters of its creator Vladimir Sjekloca -> more details , is the space structure which consists of tetragonal and pyramidal cells. Canes are made of seamless tubing of the circular section, and nodes are formed using flat sheets. The construction consists from huge number of type elements, which make easier work and make faster the installation itself. The node like element of the grill where it has been gathering and distributing the load from the power in canes is the key element of the whole system. The author made a project, minimized its dimension, which were opposite with the valid international standards and rules. However, some researches were made, as well as later control over the projects, and in that way the positivism of the idea were proved. Except the profit from the construction weight, little node dimensions give visually effect of lightness, where whole structure becomes important part of the interior.

Hereby you can see panorama of the whole main construction of the pavilion „Forum“, pyramide detail on the top of the pavilion and the  construction of the one of the halls of „pavilion no. 8“ -> more details


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