The development of the stadium main architectural project will be carried out based on the conceptual design of architectural team at »Omni Structure«. At the earlier held open competition, among 4 submitted designs our project was highly marked by the experts judging team.

Banjalucko Polje, just next to the City University Campus, where the complex is to bee placed, occupies 204.170 m2. It will be organized within 3 zones. The stadium will be the center-point of the first  zone, the second one will be the zone of public open-sport areas at all citizens disposal, and the third one is planed as the tennis courts center.

Stadium is designed as contemporary building, with the accent on the dynamic geometry that makes him recognizable. It will have 30.854 seats, and next to it will be built 2 auxiliary pitches - with the artificial and natural grass. Field-track and the stands for approximately 1000 spectators will also be incorporated. Within the framework of new sport complex basketball and volleyball courts, as well as the complex of tennis courts are also planned. Garage, with capacity of 3180 parking lots is to be provided under the stadium level. Together with the necessary spaces for guaranteeing the primary function of object, the large number of restaurants, cafes, sport and SPA center with the fitness hall, showrooms, bowling area, stores etc. are provided as well.

Clear attitude sensing is ensured through the system of slopes, forming at the same time space for fully fulfilling architectural program and also meeting requirements on parking spaces as the important factor speaking in terms of fully functional mass-flowing spaces within the urban areas. The provided transport network ensures unobstructed, free flows and access to the large number of the users.

For purposes of the substantiation of investment the multifunctional arena ensures that together with the basic function of football stadium many different cultural events (concerts, fairs, exhibitions etc.) can also be held.

The designed architectural solutions, used materials, the standards of safety and other elements fully correspond to the highest FIFA and UEFA standards and requirements.  On that basis the stadium is marked as one of the highest “B” category. In accordance with this it is completely adequate for conducting all group football matches.


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